Setting exposure length of multiple elements/pegs

I would really be pleased if I could figure out how to change the duration of multiple pegs and the exposure length of multiple elements. Having to change the length of exposure of each limb of a cut-out puppet is maddening. And then you have to do the same for the pegs. Surely there is a better way?


Either collapse your peg or tick the little “green” square to “red”
(that will hide the drawing elements).

Either right-click the peg-sequence in the timeline and choose “Change Duration”
or move the time-slider to your preferred position and choose “Extend Exposure”.


I thought about this also… (havin to extend each element seperatly)

if u collapse the peg, an adjust it all as one, what happens if the elements attached to that peg dont all have the same frame count… like, one ends sooner then the other… how would you extend them all at once? an what if the elements in that peg have different motion paths (like u have several pegs attached to another peg)?.. extendin each peice by hand an adjustin the pegs accordinly is what i’ve been doin… …easier way?


Here is how it is done:

In the timeline select the first element you want to extend. Then press the control key (command key on Mac) and keep it press until I say release. Now select all the other elements that you want to extend by clicking on their name in the timeline. Once you have selected them all release the control key. Then move the red cursor to the frame you want to extend the exposure to (make sure to not mistakenly click on the content of the timeline for it will unselect all of your elements). Then, right click anywhere in the right part of the timeline and select Extend Exposure. This will extend the exposure of all the elements selected.

Hope this piece of information will help you out.

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