setting default drawing?

Is there a way to set a default drawing when trying to set up lip sync? Currently it defaults to the first/top layer of my puppet.

Not too big of a deal until I accidentally forget to choose my mouth drawings and it renders the lip sync to my puppets eye brows causing loading problems due to “missing artwork”

Right click on top of your sound column (layer) name in Time Line or Exposure sheet and select modify lip-sync mapping to open Lip-sync Mapping windows. And then chose the destination elements to your mouth column and set the drawing name either letter or number depending on your drawing name of the mouth.

Juho, thanks for the reply.

However that is not what I am looking for. I am trying to avoid selecting the mouth drawing each and every scene.

Lets say I use the same three puppets and create multiple scenes back and forth for each puppet as they have a conversation.

Is there a way to make the Mouth drawing in my puppet the default layer for speech so that I don’t have to go in and select the mouth layer each time I add a sound.

Currently my mouth layer is located in the middle of the head layer with several drawings on top and below it. If I forget to select the mouth drawing it assigns it to the top layer of the head and sets the eye brows to fluttering all over the place!

I can’t move the mouth to the top of the head peg because it will disappear behind other things.

Just wondering… perhaps I can redo the puppet so the mouth is on top.