setting adobe flash playback in quicktime

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anyone know where in quicktime 7.04 one goes about finding the setting for getting tb4 on a vista pc to launch the player? I am getting ‘adobe flash playback must be enabled in the quicktime preferences for the preview to work’. I have been throught the preferences in QT a number of times and cannot find it anywhere … any help would be appreciated … thanks, dan

Don’t hold me to it, but my poor old memory tells me that the Flash playback option didn’t come into Quicktime until version 7.1. You may need to upgrade to at least version 7.1. But don’t update to 7.3 as it no longer has this option. -JK

Hi Jk-

thanks for getting back to me … the strange thing is that I am running quicktime 7.04 on both my vista and xp machines… the xp pc launches the playback the vista does not … now the difference is that the xp is running TB3.0 and the vista TB4.0 … not sure if that is where the difference may lie … I will upgrade the vistat to 7.1 and see what happens … thanks, dan

V3.0 doesn’t use the Quicktime Flash playback feature, that was a change in version 3.5 so that is why your V3.0 is working with the earlier version of Quicktime. See what a resource of TBS trivia I am. -LOL- JK

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if ever Jeopardy has a category for ToonBoom, you would clean up…:slight_smile: I installed QT7.1 and still cannot find the option to set the parm … could you tell me the version you are using? thanks, Dan

Quicktime version 7.1.5

Edit>Preferences>Quicktime Preferences

Go to the “Advanced” tab and look for “Media Types” and check the box labeled “Enable Playback of Flash Tracks”. That’s all you need to do. Let me know if this solves your issue. -JK

Hi Jk -

installing qt 7.15 did the trick … now I have to try and figure out why my output stops in the same place every time during playback even though there is a lot more of the file to play … I ran the swf output file on two different machines with the same result … any ideas? thanks, dan

Check your “export” dialog and see if you have some setting that are other then Export Type : Full Movie and Export Range: All. That is usually what will cause a render to terminate short of the full movie. If your export settings are OK then check to see if you either have some of your timeline tracks un-checked which cause them to be ignored during rendering or if you have multiple scenes you might have a scene un-checked causing it to be omitted from the render. -JK

Hi JK-

Now this is a real strange one… I did all the checking as you suggested and it all looked good … reran the animation (10 scenes) but this time with the launch player checked. It ran to completion and even the playback ran to completion. Now, when I went and clicked on the output swf file, it played only half of it and stopped… always stops in the same place (around the 7th scene) and does not play the entire 7th scene - stops at the point where it would be fading out, then fading into scene 8… I updated the adobe flash player to the latest (version 7 is what got installed) but still the playback stops at the same place when I click on the outputted swf file … any idea?
thanks, dan

It sounds like there are several possibilities so some troubleshooting might be in order.

The way I normally approach this type of problem is to systematically reduce the variables and then progressively add them back until I discover the offending variable.

So in this case your first set of variables to reduce are your 10 scenes. TBS is such a great tool for doing things like this. All you need to do is un-check a scene to remove it temporarily from the final render.

So start out by un-checking the last 4 scenes (7-10) and re-render to SWF and then test that in the Flash player (you don’t need above Flash 7 for TBS created SWFs). If that test is totally successful then add in scene 7 and repeat the test, if that is successful then add in scene 8 and repeat the test and so on.

At some point the test will fail based on your current problem. And you will have identified the scene that is producing the problem. Once you determine the scene that is the culprit you should un-check all the other scenes leaving that one and just render it by itself.

Then if it renders and plays flawlessly you will know that your problem is related to the combination of that last scene with the others, but if it doesn’t play flawlessly then you know something in that scene needs to be fixed. The fact that the playback stops at the same place each time is a good thing in that it means that the problem is consistent Vs random.

As to my guess about the problem, I suspect either a sound clip or something that is corrupted in one of those last 4 scenes. I don’t know the size of the project but it is possible that you have exceeded a Flash limitation size wise. In any case, by systematically following the troubleshooting methodology I have described you will isolate the problem and by doing so you will have a better chance to resolve it. Keep us posted. -JK

Hi Jk -

Sounds like a great place to start … let me see what happens … thanks, dan

That feature is dead!

To elaborate, Apple removed support for Flash tracks within a QuickTime movie. This happened within the current 7.x.x product evolution, I seem to recall around 7.3.x (??).

This was a huge forum issue, over on the Apple QuickTime forums. The reason for doing so, was related to a nasty security issue for Flash tracks. But also note, that QuickTime support for Flash tracks was stuck back at Flash version 5, as Apple had not continued to license newer technology from Macromedia/Adobe. So it was becoming obsolete anyway.

So, if you keep your QuickTime installations up-to-date on your machines, as you should, then you would have lost this capability long ago.

Ok so quicktime cant export flash files made in toon boom, what do we do now? Is there any other option besides down-grading to an older version of quicktime? Is there any other program that will help us export our videos/animations so that was can play it on the internet? Or use it as .swf
@_@ im confused. I was gonna start a new thread, but i thought this was relevant enough.

This is not related to creating or publishing animation work made in Toon Boom Studio. It only effected the “quick preview” feature in versions 3.5 -4.0. It is not an issue in Version 4.5. And even if you still are using an earlier version it just means that you can’t use “quick preview” you still can render and publish for Internet distribution or otherwise. -JK

thanks, thats good news =)
would you happen to know if there are any tutorials on how to render/publish art/animation in toonboom for the internet?

Check through the other threads on these forums as there has been plenty of discussion on publishing to the various platforms. The easiest is plain old SWF to an HTML page, but then there are discussions of how to create output files for YouTube and IPOD and even direct to DVD etc.

If you still need help after checking the existing threads then start a new thread and ask questions about publishing to the platform of your choice. -JK