setting a shortcut for 'create empty drawing'


I’m new to TBS and I can’t find a way to set a shortcut for Xsheet > Drawings > Create Empty Drawing, I looked at the shortcuts tab in Properties, nothing…

I need to use this command very often, so I’m pretty confused, there should be a way… (unless there’s another way to replicate the functionality of this command, and I’m not aware of it…??..)

(basically - if you have 2 drawings, and one is on frame 1, the other on frame 10, and you need to add an inbetween at frame 5, what would you do, in one step and as fast as possible?)


I cover this on this page from the Cartooning in ToonBoom WIKI under the topic of adjusting timing using the set exposure command and the cells panel. -JK


thanks, but that workflow sounds too mathematic for my way of animating, or maybe I don’t get it… but pressing X to add a blank cell and then extending it to the nearest drawing seems faster and more flexible (it’s only annoying that I have to do it in 2 steps, I don’t understand why I can’t set a shortcut for Create Empty Drawing, which does exactly what I need, in one step).

Let’s see if I can simplify it for your way of animating.

1. Pick an element
2. go to its timeline track
3. select one frame-cell or a sequence of frame-cells
4. go to the Cells panel and pull the slider lever at the bottom of the panel all the way to your far left and that places a blank cell in the currently selected frame or sequence of frames.

It’s that quick and that simple and not mathematical at all. -JK