Setting a Background

I am new to Toon Boom. I’m trying to set my first background. I have made an animation of a cat walking, and added a background, but when I play it the cat walks and at the end of the cycle the background flashes on. I can’t figure out how to get it to just stay as a background and have the cat walk in front of it.

The Background image needs to be at the top in the timeline and there need to be multiple cels of the image spanning a range of frames in the timeline.

If your walk cylcle has been created in Photoshop or some other bitmap editing software, the image might not have an alpha channel (transparency information) and the white of the paper area would obscure the background image underneath.

If you are new to the program I would recommend following the QuickStart tutorial to learn the basics which may be easier than trying to just dive-in and
learn the features on your own.

Thank You. I finally did figure it out on my own. So much to learn, but I am enjoying it a lot. :slight_smile: