Seth Solar

I Re-uploaded the videos on the following link.

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Thanks Toon Boom fam![img]

I especially loved the dynamic camera work and the musical scoring. Great work!

Overall I liked it and as mentioned the use of camera angles was great.

I felt the helicopter and rocket fire let you down a bit in terms of not being up to the standard of your other work.

Musically those palm muted stabs just didn’t fit for me. There was something about the tone which to me sounded a bit plastic and fake. I think you should really have more palm muting on it. Also when doing it having some varience in the amount will allow you to actually build the tension better.

Thanks for pointing out the strengths of the reel.

Thanks for the musical tip. I never knew what a palm mute was til now.

Did you use the slayer plug in from fruity loops?

Nope. I just used a cool sounding guitar sample from my library and a touch of reverb.

just curious, which lib?

I get all of my samples from Computer Music magazine.


I liked it. Nice opening shot and great choice of music. Do the rabbit’s eyes have pupils?


Thanks. The rabbit is actually wearing some “morpheus” style glasses.

My 2nd demo “A Jazzy Hit” is finished. Comments welcome.


No one has mentioned this, but I like your Storyboards. I guess I am leaning more towards becoming a Storyboard artist myeslf so I tend to appreciate it more than the average Joe. Great all around work … I envy your energy.

Cool stuff. :slight_smile: