Set up "Use embedded pivots" drawing settings by default

I recently have trouble to set up the “use embedded pivots” on the drawing settings by default.
Actually i’m on “Apply Embedded Pivot on Drawing Layer” but I need to change it for “Apply Embedded Pivot on Parent Peg” definitively (when I create a new drawings). I’m sure it’s possible but I don’t find this setting !
Thanks you for your help in advance :slight_smile:

In my memories it was here in preferences :


Indeed, there doesn’t seem to be a possibility to set up a default behavior for this in the Preferences.
But, you could change it on all you selected drawings at the same time with the script “TB_Set_Properties_on_manylLayers”.

Hi kassi,
The setting you’re looking for is on the Advanced tab. It’s called Element node “Animate Using Animation Tools” Default Value. If unchecked, each new drawing has its Animate Using Animation Tools unchecked too. However, this only affects new drawings.
I don’t know if this setting is available on all Harmony editions, but I can confirm that on Harmony Premium it is.


Don’t think you can, only after the fact using the Layer Properties of the Drawing or in the Node View using Set Properties on Many Layers.

Hello Martin,
Unfortunatly this isn’t the problem, I already have this setting unchecked. But this doesn’t affected the “drawing pivot” setting :

Hi stefman and steenbeck,

Yea I know this script, and it’s pretty useful, but I’m sure on our production we had a setting to preset new drawings. We have to work on many drawings and if we had to use this script in every scene it’s a pain… Btw This script don’t works inside groups, then you have to do it many time in each scene.

Should be a feature on Harmony 2021 premium ? We started our production on this version, then we switched on 2020 premium version, because of too many bugs on the new one.

Or maybe I’m just insane and this setting never existed and we only worked on drawings already created with correct settings ?

Thanks for your responses :wink:


I think that this preferences setting never existed.

Yeah, you could/should make a feature request.

In the Node View you could do the following:
Alt + “Drag Select” (making a bounding box with the mouse) the top-level group(s) of your scene.
This will additionally select all nodes contained in the selected group(s) and its/their sub-groups.
Run the “TB_Set_Properties_on_manylLayers” script to change the drawing pivot embed attribute.

Another quick workaround for new drawings could be that you create a new blank drawing node with the right settings and store it as a template.

Hi kassi,
sorry, I misunderstood your question.
The option is actually in the preferences but hidden. I haven’t found the correct way to change this preference via scripting. I remembered that I had the same issue some years ago, dug through my old dirty hacks folder, and found a dirty way to do it.
If you’re comfortable editing Harmony’s UI files, you can display a dropdown under the Node View tab.
I edited the tupreferenceui.ui file located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony 21.1 Premium\resources\forms

How to add the dropdown:
Open the tupreferenceui.ui file in your favorite code editor and search for NV_TRANSPARENCY_TYPE. It’s an XML file.
After the NV_TRANSPARENCY_TYPE item, add the following code:

         <item row="2" column="4">
           <widget class="QLabel" name="textLabel3_5">
            <property name="text">
             <string>Drawing Pivot</string>
            <property name="wordWrap">
          <item row="2" column="5">
           <widget class="QComboBox" name="NV_EMBEDDED_PIVOT">
            <property name="sizePolicy">
             <sizepolicy hsizetype="MinimumExpanding" vsizetype="Preferred">
            <property name="minimumSize">

You need to edit the next item’s <item row="2" to <item row="2"
And finally, search for <tabstop>NV_TRANSPARENCY_TYPE</tabstop> and add <tabstop>NV_EMBEDDED_PIVOT</tabstop> beneath it.

It will render like this:

Always make a backup copy if you edit core files!
Updates will most likely overwrite this file! This file changes between Harmony versions, and you’d have to edit it for each.

You can download my edited file and use it as a template if you prefer. This file is for Harmony 21.1.

And yes, we should make it a feature request, more if it only takes 10 minutes to apply.

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Hello !
I didn’t know alt selection to select nodes inside groups, it’s awesome thank you ^^
Thanks for your help :wink:


This is so cool ! I’ll transfer to our computer scientist and he will see if he can do this.
Thanks for your explanation !

I’ll do a ticket for the request now :wink:

TY all for help !

Here is the request :wink: :