Set up deformations in drawing mode!

I think the drawing layer would be a way better place to deformation your character, with light table and grid, and all drawing are already on default pose. it would be cool because if I want to rig on the fly, I can just go to the drawing window and wrap an envelope deformer on whatever I need at the moment and keep moving. I don’t know what do you think?

This would be quite useful, without having to use the isolate eye tool.

I think it would be even better to be able to just select a closed shape and have the deformer automaticallly generate. Supposing you have already drawn a shape with the polyline tool. To create the envelope deformer, it is the same process.

Great idea!

That would be amazing.

That is such a good idea.

The option to create them manually along with the option to produce them off existing linework would be stellar.

Time saved redrawing lines to create deformations is time better spent on the art and anim8tion.

This is the stuff awards are awarded for.

I nominate you for a Toony.

Now if Toon Boom would get to bouncing the ball on this.