Set Ease on Multiple Parameters doesn't have any range??

I’m trying desperately to get some sort of ease in and out between keyframes of my tranformations (animating an object scaling from big to small). When I select the keyframe and click the Set Ease on Multiple Parameters button the appropriate window pops up with a curve, but when I grab a handle and go to move it, it barely budges left or right…affecting no visible change whatsoever. Changing the parameters ion the box doesn’t do anything either. How do you make this actually work??

I made this to show you

Thanks YaBB! I tried your method myself and worked fine. That helps show me that Ease in and outs are possible. I’m still baffled as to why my particular timelines in The Set parameters mode got stuck with no room to move the curve. I’ll carefully track the layers and timeline of my new project and see when and where it goes bad, if it does. Really appreciate the tutorial :slight_smile:

glad it helped :slight_smile: