Set default transformation for layer (reset without the layer moving)

I would like to know if it is possible to reset all transformation in a layer (put everything to zero) without moving anything in the layer (as is, after the reset, it was transformed back with the select tool instead of the transformation tool), like some sort of ‘set default transformation’ command. All I saw when searching is several flavors of ‘reset transformation’.

If there is no such thing, what would be a script that does the trick?

And is it an important thing to be able to do, for example in rigging? because now, doing ‘reset transformation’ would move the layers all over the place, as the center of the field chart for each layer is very different (lots of transform tool with non-centered drawings)


The easiest way to delete all movement information is to delete the keyframe at the frame it was introduced (using the transform tool will create a keyframe for the element or peg that was manipulated).

When creating character rigs, the original placement/sizing should be done using the tools from the “Advanced Animation” toolbar (Translate, Rotate, Scale…). Using the Advanced Animation" tools will permanently move, resize, rotate the element rather than creating a keyframe. The transformed element will therefore have a new “default” state.

The Transform tool will then be used to “Animate” the character using keyframes.

I was looking for this as well because as I am learning things, we make mistakes. And there needs to be a way to fix mistakes without having to recreate things. I found that if I deleted the keyframe, the object would move. Or if I moved it, Harmony would create a keyframe. So I had to do a lot of messing around in the drawing view to reset things manually I believe.

What you are describing sounds like the Maya Freeze Transformations command. That would be so great in Harmony as it would allow the animator to zero things out wherever they are.
I’m guessing there is a way to do this somehow in Harmony now, but I haven’t found a way yet.

Hi, I think i found a way, first copy the frames you want to change and put them in another layer, in that layer move them with the transform tool where you want them, when you are finished you will have to copy each frame with the select tool and paste them on the original layer, thats the only way i know how, hope it helped :slight_smile:

The feature Freeze Transform from Maya is an essential tool for rigging.

It makes whatever position/scale/rotation you have into the value zero.

Does it exist in Toonboom?

i also like to know.

I dont know if this is what you are looking for,

I use the Reset Current Frame if I want to reset a Rigg into default position

Remove all Key frames if I want to reset the whole rigg.

There is not such a [Freeze Transformations] tool that makes whatever position/scale/rotation you have into the value zero (like Maya has).
The only way to “zero out” your transformations and make default positions is by modifying the drawings, which makes it very impractical.

This is a feature you ToonBoom guys definitely should try to get.