Set Default Export options to PNG with Transparency


I’m a game developer and I use Toon Boom Animate for my animations.

I’d like to be able to set the Export options to Default to PNG with transparency instead of TGA.

I find it a bit of a pain that it always defaults to TGA and I have to set that every time I want to export a sequence.

Is there a way to do this so that it always uses my preferred export settings. Possibly with a Script or a setting somewhere?

Any ideas greatly appreciated.


Yea you can do a script that changes the values in the Write module. Or if you don’t know how to script you can set a Write module with the settings you like and then do a template in the Library. You can then just drag and drop the template in new scenes.


I’m on Animate not Pro.

Can I still do what you said.

What is a write module ?


You don’t see the Write module in Animate but they are there under the hood.

I think in Animate you can’t use the script or template ways since you decide in the Export> Images… window what file format you want.

Hi Lilly,

I’m going to post a feature request for this for a future version of Animate.


Thank you Lilly.

OK so it looks like I figured out how to export with a transparent BG by using Render Network and setting the write module to export as image sequence in png4 …but NOW the effects are not rendering correctly! This includes the glows, and some of the transparencies effects I had one some layers aren’t working either. PLEASE HELP!


I don’t think there’s a way to change the default value in Animate.


Okay I’ll put in a feature request about having the export window retain the last entered value.


What is it doing exactly?