Set Anti Aliasing Quality to Low For Entire Scene

Hello. I’m working on a video game and am using Toon Boom Animate Pro 3 for all of my animation. I’m taking the finished frames and shrinking them down to give them that retro arcade look I like. I’ve been going into the layer settings and putting the anti aliasing quality to low for each layer to remove any blending of colors at the edges (it helps to maintain the limited color look I want).

My question is if it is possible to export an entire scene with the anti aliasing set to Low instead of going into every individual layer and making adjustments?

Also, I noticed that if I export to OpenGL it gives me exactly the look I want, but it won’t give me a transparent background. Exporting to a PNG4 just gives me a completely blank image and PSD4 just puts the image on black. If there is a way to go the OpenGL route with a transparent BG, that would work too.

Any help is appreciated.