set an ease on the camera peg


Could someone tell me how to set an ease out on the camera peg?

I tried to do it with the general animation tool for ease called “set ease for multiple parameters” but it didn’t work.

Then I tried to set it on the curve of the camera on the top view, by showing control and adding a control point, shortcut “p”. But it didn’t change anything when I moved this control point.

Thank you for helping me to find a solution !


You can most easily achieve this using “Set Ease for Multiple Parameters” or by editing the function for “Velocity” in the Bezier editor. First you need to hit the + sign on the peg layer to show the Peg Layer’s functions. Now you can double-click on the Velocity function to bring up the Function Editor. You can adjust the ease here by drag-selecting a point then pulling on the Bezier handles.

You can also select the Velocity function and then hit Set Ease for Multiple Parameters and set the ease here, and this will work too, but you don’t actually need to set the ease on more than one function so you don’t strictly need to use this command.

Hope this helps.

Toon Boom Support

It’s working by setting the velocity on the camera peg.

Thank you for your quick answer!