Set 2s motion key

Hi, i was wondering, it won’t be great if the soft add a easy way to make interpolation in twos?

for example, next to “set motion key frame” and “set stop motion key” buttons in the timeline, add another button, “set 2s motion key” and make the interpolation in twos (only in the keys selected, because we dont want to make the entire layer be in twos in all the frames).

i know that you have the “bezier editor” and you can use the “hold value editor”. but you have to make for every value (pos x-y-z scale, etc). and has the limit of stop in the 999 frame (i dont understand why!).

a “set 2s motion key” button would be a really useful tool!
i don’t know script, otherwise i would make it myself.

I was looking for the same thing and found William Saito amazing blog !
Now I am a fan of his work !

Select a range of frames in the timeline and right-click to:
Exposure-Set Exposure to 2
(or Set Exposure to 3 or Set Exposure to … for more unusual hold values)

Hi rkriz, thanks! but what you told me is for drawing substituion (for frame by frame animation), for exposures. im talking about keyframes (interpolation).

i already know the site and that script. but that script convert the entire timeline (of that layer) in twos. and i want to convert only the selected ones

What if you duplicate the layer, apply the script to that layer, then copy/paste the keys you want into the original layer and then delete the duplicate?

I haven’t tried myself but could be a solution.

Anyway, I agree that should be an option in Harmony already. It was very common in the old days to pan the background in twos when the animation was drawn also in twos.

not work :frowning:

You can open the graph for the Pos: X, Y or Z for the element or peg and use the “Hold Value Editor” (looks like a staircase) to set the hold value to 2.

For 3D paths you can go into the velocity graph and use the “Hold Value Editor” there to do it.