Service Pack 1 installed?

OK so I am all behind at getting this. However, at last I have got around to uninstalling my original version of Animate 2 then downloading it again from the “My Products” panel. But how do I know I have now got the latest version which includes Service Pack 1? There is no indication anywhere to tell me that.

Thanks Lily for that re-assurance. Although I never noticed what my build number was for the original version. Not to worry as long as you assure me the latest download had been updated with SP1 I am a happy bunny.

Hi guys so what version number should the updated Animate 2 be ?

Just so we can check it out and download if needed, thank you … :slight_smile:

Quick correction to Lily’s last post: Current official build is 7.9.1 (6015).

So any news about when the next major update will be released Lily?

To update Animate2 to the latest version ,do I have to uninstall then reinstall the latest version? Or is it an automatic process ,and will I lose the projects I have already started ? Please advise Lilly , thank you. :slight_smile:

Thank you Lilly , in future will we be notified by email of future updates ? :slight_smile:

as i return to the animations business i’d like to refresh my current version information.
i’ve got an animate 2 instance build 7.9.0. (6015 from 2010-09-15) installed (mac os x 7.5.8).
two questions:
1. is it the last build? if not, how can i install the latest download not losing my registration?

2. i’ve checked the size of the previous animate1 installment (the app is about 560 mb) while the animate2 app is only 35 mb. is it safe to uninstall the animate1, or should it stay along with the animate2 installation?

thanks in advance.

As far as I know, the download of Toon Boom Animate 2 for Mac is about 295 MB…
(even the is only about 37 MB)
The most recent build should be 7.9.0 (6015)…
After purchase, the Product Code for Animate 2 is available from your My Products Download Page…
(downloading as often as you like, without losing your registration).

My personal preference… uninstall Animate 1 before installing Animate 2…
All Animate 1 projects will open in Animate 2, no reason to keep both versions…


thanks, nolan.
i thought there was some information written into the app installation containing the product code.
i downloaded the current file from my downloads page and didn’t know whether i should install it or not (with all possible consequences).


Recently I had an issue with the Colour Picker…;action=display;threadid=3449;start=msg16415#msg16415

Thought, this might be related to my installation of Animate 2…?
So, I downloaded a new version from the Download Page replacing it with the old install…
(left the Preference-files untouched, just removed the old Animate 2 from the Application
folder before installing the new one.)
Didn’t had any issues with the Product Code, replacement went smoothly.

If you already have a Product Code for Animate 2, you can put it in any time…
There shouldn’t be any consequences or worries to proceed with the installation…


thanks again, nolan.
i did the same with the app replacement in the applications folder and the version turns out to be the current one.
i haven’t rebooted the computer yet, but there was no product code insert requirement.


Your My Products tab will have been updated automatically. If you like when you install it you can double-check by going to Help > About then you will see that the build number has changed.


Yay! Happy Bunnies!


The official build of Animate 2 SP1 is:

7.9.0 6015

You can check this is the About screen.


There’s no official date yet.


You just uninstall the older version and install the newer version from your My Accounts page. You will not lose work, it will open in the newer version. You also do not need to return your license.


There should always be an email blast sent out to customers, and there was when the service pack was released a while back.

We are trying to change the system so that it will actually show in your My Products section whether there’s a new build there as well.


I’m sorry, we haven’t yet been able to release a new service pack that resolves the compatibility with Lion. We will notify you as soon as this is available!