Serious issue!

I’m in a real panic here, so I desperately need help!

What happened was; I was updating my Wacom Cintiq, and after I finished restarting, Toon Boom no longer worked. It won’t start, it won’t even show the logo, I get nothing. I get the wheel for a few seconds and then nothing. Nothing in the task manager, nadda. Other programs run just fine, it’s just Toon Boom.

I tried uninstalling my cintiq, but the problem persists.

It worked perfectly before I updated. I’m running Windows 7 Home, with Toon Boom 4.5.

I desperately need this fixed, because I’m working on a huge project, and every moment this goes unresolved, is precious time wasted.

I would really appreciate any and all forms of help. Thank you.

Correction, I found out that none of my software works. After Effects, Vegas, Corel Painter, Anime Studio, and so on all refuse to work. Either they crash before they fully boot up, or they don’t even start.

How could Wacom possibly release something this devastating? It’s like they released a virus.

Have you tried re-ininstalling the drivers?

I am also using a cintiq with no issues with the latest drivers.

Hopefully you can help with my issue using a cintiq with TBS.



Yeah, I have. I even re-installed Toon Boom, but the same thing happened. I also tried installing an earlier version of the driver, but the problem refuses to go away.

Im still looking but there was at one time an issue with the nvidia drivers causing issues with wacom drivers on windows 7. Still looking to see if there are any similarities to your issue.


Thanks, I appreciate the help. Though I tried re-installing my nvidia drivers as well, as it seemed to be an issue with the graphics.

YES!!! I had an IT guy look at it, and he got it fixed for me. What happened was that there were multiple Wacom drivers installed on my computer, and that screwed everything up.

So thanks everyone for being willing to help with my problem.

Glad you got it fixed.