Series director, animator

We are using the X-sheet view in Harmony extensively for animation timing and direction in U.S. prime times series. There are basic controls that are not available in the x-sheet view when making Annotations columns. Most of the work involves writing and drawing in Annotation columns and adding storyboard corrections in a drawing column. The most obvious and potentially useful would be the following features to use in an Annotation column.
1- Be to be able to draw a straight vertical line like with a Line Tool or a shift and hold method in an Annotation column.
2. A way to select an area of the Annotation column and copy and paste it elsewhere in the column or another column. Presently you can only copy the entire row in a column so it leaves a lot of cleanup of what gets pasted.
3-There is a way to import a drawing to the column but the drawing has horizontal lines through it when you import so it’s not a useable feature that would be great to have.
4-being able to copy part of the image from a drawing visible in the animatic and paste it in the Annotation column. Currently, you can sample a color from the animatic image but you can’t copy a section of the drawing.