Sequencing Scenes

Hello everyone! New to toon boom and having lots of fun!

So I was wondering about scenes. Ive learned that I can make different scenes which seems like an awesome feature that may help my disorganized method of just moving the camera somewhere else to make a new scene for my animation… but the only thing is I can’t find any tutorials on how to switch from scene to scene anywhere. I’m wondering whats the purpose of having a scene function if you can’t do this… Am I missing something?

Also Im trying to make a music video so I want the sound to continue with no hiccups through all the scenes… if I can sequence the scenes is it possible to keep the music flowing as well?

Thank you for your time!

You can switch between scenes either in the scene pulldown menu that you can find at the top-right of the main TBS window or by double-clicking the scene in the “scene manager” window.

For the audio file… If there are logical breaks in the audio (such as periods of silence), you can break up the audio track. Rendering from the scene manager or Exporting with the “Full Movie” option checked will make a movie file of the entire project in the Scene Manager.

If there are no logical breaks then you can try making one scene of your audio and you would need to carefully manage the project to ensure that you do not exceed the system’s resources.

If this cannot be done then the only other option is to cut the audio into sections. Import these into different scenes (for animating reference only). After exporting the parts you would need to stitch together the visuals along with the original uncut audio in an editing software.

Kriz thank you for the quick response! The audio part especialy makes sense. I’m still not sure about scene changes though. From what you said If understand correctly you can switch from scene to scene for individual viewing one scene at a time but what I’m wondering is can you sequence these scenes to connect back to back to each other to form one cohesive animation?

Yes, when you render the movie. you will have the option to export the entire movie which means all the scenes in the current project’s Scene Manager list. If you want to view the entire movie in one sequence this will be the only way to do it.