separating x/y/z positions for elements/pegs - why and how?

Hello there, Toonboom community!

I’ve finished up with all of the latest animation tutorials found on the site, and am starting to go through them again. I remember something being said about unlinking an element or peg’s x/y/z data, but can’t remember for the life of me which tutorial video I originally saw this in, or why it’s done.

I’m in the process of creating a character in Animate pro, and have done everything else except this one thing. I assume it’s an important enough step that they mentioned it in the tutorials.

Does anyone happen to know what it is that I’m referring to? Thanks in advance for your help.

- DJ

Hey Lilly,Thanks so much for your help and info. I did as you suggested and now my character’s finally ready to enter the library as a template. Exciting stuff!

If you double-click on an image layer, or on a peg layer, you can access the Layer Properties for that layer. If you put the information to Separate, it makes it easier if you want to isolate the path in that direction. Same thing for angles, doing Euler angles instead of Quaternions will enable you to adjust manually the values.

If you’re just planning on animating your character with the Transform tool, then you can leave the drawings to their default values. It’s more useful to me if I want to rotate a plane in all the axes, in Animate Pro, because I may want to input a precise value like a 90 degree rotation.