separating intersecting lines for removal...

Hi there,
This may be a basic question but…
In Flash when lines drawn with the line/pencil tool intersect, you can select parts of the intersected lines and they are now separate pieces.
But in Animate Pro if two lines intersect they remain as 2 distinct lines still, even after flattening.
Is there a way to separate portions of lines from their intersecting points?


Try using the Select tool and then, with the MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON (Often the Wheel), click on the portion of the line you want to select.

Let me know if it works.


Here are some topics about to select or cut portions of lines:
-Using the Select tool, you can use the middle mouse button to select a segment of flattened pencil line. Use this technique to create a nice finish to lines and corners in your artwork. (user guide page 97)
-When using the Lasso selection type, the Use Mouse Gesture option lets you automatically delete any extra sections of line in your artwork by simply dragging your mouse over it. (your lines can not be flattened) (user guide page 130)
-If you click on a zone, the Cutter tool will select the zone. It will end the selection at the first point of intersection that it meets (user guide page 420)
Hope that you can solve the doubt. Regards.


THanks guys!
Will give them a go!

Thanks guys but I’ve got a Mac buttonless mouse so no middle button unfortunately. Though, I’m using a wacom tablet so can I simulate a middle button with my pen settings?
Use mouse gestures and clicking on zones only works with the brush tool and I’m using the pencil/line tool…
Actually I’ve kind of found a way round it by erasing through the middle of an unwanted line then with the contour editor individually selecting anchor points and deleting them thereby removing little bits of unwanted line. Tedious but it works.


Theoretically, yes you can set your pen to simulate the middle button.
Most Wacom Pen’s button allow you to do so.

Check this link:

I don’t know everything about the mac mouse, but I think you can also reconfigure it…


Thanks Marie,
Yep I’ve made these settings but still no luck.
I’ll have to just do it the remove-the-anchor-point-manually way!
THanks anyway.