Separate Forums

Wouldn’t it be better to separate the Animate discussions from the Harmony discussions? Yes I know they share some similarities but lately most of the posts has been about Harmony. It would make things clearer and less confusing.

There are similar differences between Animate and Animate Pro (in fact a number of my tutorials I have done twice once in each software).

I really want this forum to be Animate and Harmony. Perhaps a subforum for Harmony is the way to go, but please please please don’t remove Harmony to it’s own private section.

Yes, there are a lot of things common to all three: Animate, Animate Pro and Harmony. However, you have to specify which program you are commenting on or asking about in many instances. In some forums you can add to your profile what software you are using as well as operating system, etc. That way, the viewers of your post easily know all that info just by seeing it listed under your user name.

Another “would be nice” feature to add to the forums.

If you are revamping the forums:

Please -
Allowing embedding of youtube videos
Put all software into a single forum with subforums (I mean everything including studio, storyboard etc etc.)
Have a single common share your work for all boards

We’re going to be revamping the forums in 2012, so I’ve kept this as a note of something we want to do. For now, what I think the best short-term solution is to put a subsection in here for Harmony.


Thanks for the comments! I’m putting all the comments aside to review when we plan the development. I totally agree on the embedded YouTube vids and also embedded images as well.