Sentax Error

Can anyone help fix a sentax error. It doesn’t seem to be affecting my scene file yet but not sure if it will later and I don’t want to take that chance.

The window that comes up at the start says "sentax error at line 2 " missing, and shows a location that is not on this new hard drive.

Here’s what happened. Near total hard drive crash but was able to retrieve the Animate Pro 2 file I was working on. Yeah! My guess is that the files associated with it are no longer in the correct folder. However it will bring up the associated palette.

Seems like it should be an easy fix but I have no idea how to.


Wrong forum, but you could try making a template of the entire project. Create a new project and drag in the template.

Make sure to use a folder on your computer as your library folder, don’t use the default libraries already in Animate for this.

Thanks for the suggestion. That might have worked. Wound up redoing it. Not sure how “troubleshooting and support” was the wrong forum for this. I’m new here so must have missed something.

Yes, you missed the fact that you posted this inside the Toon Boom Studio’s “Troubleshooting and Support” section.

There is a “Troubleshooting and Support” section for the Animate/Animate Pro user forum also. (see link below)