Send Frames To Photoshop

I love Animate Pro’s animating tools, but I would like to do the cleanup of my frames in photoshop. I plan on roughing in my animation and getting the timing in toon boom, then exporting the frames to photoshop for cleanup, then vectorizing those images back into toon boom for color and composite.

Is there a way to export my frames from toon boom so that it automatically exports unique frames and not every frame. For example, if I’m working on 2s, I’d like to just have 1 copy of each frame. This could be done manually but I think it would be labor intensive.

Thanks so much, I love Animate Pro…

Sidebar: I would do it all in toon boom, but I miss the ability to have variable opacity and also the variable width of the brush seems more extensive in photoshop… Is there a way to adjust the width of the brush on the fly like you can do in photoshop (with a shortcut key?)

Great. Thanks so much for the advice!

I will give some tests based on your advice right away!

Much appreciated!


The way to vary the size of the brush on the fly would be to hold down the “O” key then click and drag with the mouse.

Regarding export and importing back in, you’re going to have a hard time getting the photoshop files to vectorise back in. Vectorisation works best with solid lines. If you want to use variable opacity, then when you bring it back in you’re going to have to do a Greyscale vectorisation instead of Black and White, and in that case it’s going to take the opacity and whatnot and apply it to the line as a texture. That means you’ll lose the ability to modify your line with the contour editor and whatnot. It would be worth running some tests first to see if you can get the look that you want.

Regarding the export on twos, the simplest thing to do would just be to temporarily set the exposure of all your drawings to 1. Just select all the cells and right click > Exposure > Set Exposure to 1. Then you can always go back after and set it back to 2.