send drawings to desk shortcut

Hi all,

I would like to create a shortcut for “send drawings to desk” but can’t find it it in the shortcut preferences. Did I maybe look over it or is it not possible?



there doesn’t seem to be the possibility to assign a shortcut to it.

But, it can be accessed via script!
Would a script help you out (you would have to select your drawing frame in the timeline and hit the button)?

Absolutely, does it work with multiple drawings? And is it possible to assign the button to a button on my wacom?

Here’s a little starting point.

Unfortunately, at present, the script only works properly if you select your drawing( s ) in the Xsheet.

function Send_Drawing_To_Desk()

To make it work as it should from the timeline it will need some extra coding.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to scripts at present.
But, indeed, it would be great if this was possible. :slight_smile:

P.S.: You can also download the script file here:

Thanks stefman,

I’ll check into it later though. too bad it doesn’t work for the timeline. Switching to x-sheet changes my workflow too much for now…



no worries. Perhaps, until than, I’ll have managed to make it work in the timeline as well. :slight_smile:

Besides this, does the fact that you can’t create a keyboard shortcut to it bother you a lot?

It bothered me quite when working in the timeline. I took a second to try with the x-sheet and it seems using the timeline for this is a bad habit :slight_smile:
With the x-sheet selecting frames is way easier and the dropdown menu when right clicking doesn’t bother me like in the timeline.

So maybe the keyboard shortcut isn’t all that important. Thanks for the x-sheet tip!


I just tested the script in the timeline view again.
And it works like it should now.

Don’t know why it didn’t work earlier…

Just hold down Alt and click on your desired drawings from the Xsheet to send them to the Drawing View, or The Desk as its now called.

Thanks for your replies Stef & Frank. I didn’t check out the script yet but sounds promising… though it seems as frank puts it, there are already easy and fast ways

Another option I just thought of… add the button to the timeline toolbar.


  • ALT + Click on the desired drawings from the Xsheet works excellently well!
  • D’oh, of course! I forgot that the timeline and the xsheet toolbars were customizable. And, super cool, the ‘Send Drawings to Desk’ function is available in both of them. And if it wasn’t one could have assigned a button to the script.

So, everything’s alright. :slight_smile:

If for any reason you needed to use the script, here is the last version working properly with drawings that were selected from the timeline view:
function Send_Drawings_To_Desk_From_Timeline()

Super! thanks Stef