Semi-Transparent Character

Animate user

Is there a way to get a rigged character to become semi transparent - without multiplication where body part elements overlap?

See screenshot from render view

I want a fade-in, fade-out effect

Unfortunately the way that this worked in Animate is that it did not flatten the image before doing the transparency. If you were working with Animate Pro, then you could change the composite type to bitmap and then do the transparency, but it’s not possible to do this with Animate.

However the implementation of this has been changed for Animate 2, due to user requests like yours. In Animate 2, it now automatically does a flatten before the transparency.

Toon Boom Support

that is great, i had the same issue and couldn’t find a work around :slight_smile:

For now, I have exported the image of the animated character with transparent background. Re-imported as image sequence then attached it to a transparency effect.