sell an Animate Pro 1 license??

Hi… now I am proud owner of a full license of Animate Pro2 and an older one Animate Pro1.
I really need only one of them and would like to sell the older version …
Is that possible? Only deactivate the license and give everything to a new owner?
Or what do I have to do?
Can anybody help?

Thanks a lot


Licences aren’t transferrable.

Also normally if you upgraded/crossgraded the old licence will stop working once you activate the new one.

I am owner of 2 Pro licenses… I crossupgraded to Pro2 from my old “Animate1” license. I didn´t touch my Animate Pro License.
So in this moment I am owner of one -Pro1- AND one -Pro2- License.
But I don´t need 2 anymore cause I now work allone.
When I buy a toonboom software I can never sell it to someone else???
When I dont need it anymore?




I don’t know why they do it, I am just a user.

That is just what the T&C say. It has come up before. You can always email support to see if they can help you out in any way.

Ok… thanks a lot for answering… I will ask them…