Selectively display layers of a drawing

Is there a way to display specific layers of a drawing? In Drawing mode it seems you can only see a single layer or all the layers at time. There are times when I only want to see specific layers during drawing.

I’m afraid the only way to do what you want (unless someone has a better solution) is to draw not in the drawing view, but in the camera. Then, open your layer properties and in the “drawing” tab you can activate/deactivate the layers you want.

Thanks for that tip. Not really a clean and elegant workflow though. Sounds like I should submit a feature request.

In the Timeline the checkbox under the eyeballs turns on and off visibility of a layer.

Hm, I don’t think that addresses what I’m looking for. If I have a drawing that is making use of all 4 layers (Over,Line,Color,Under) I sometimes only want to see specific layers when drawing. Currently I either can see one or all of them. There’s no middle ground.

For example, how would I show just Over and Line when in drawing mode?

There is already something that can do this. It’s called the “Layer Selector” and you can find it in the “Filter” section of the Node Library. This works in the Camera View.

If you’re in the drawing view, you already have the choice of Line art or Color art layers. If you also want access to the overlay and underlay layers here also, go into the Stage preferences and on the “Advanced” tab - check “Support Overlay and Underlay Arts”.

there are two ways to toggle this. in the layer properties (shift+E) you can go under the drawing tab and from there you can turn sub layers on and off.

another way to do it is to use the like-minded nodes (color, line-art, overlay, underlayer) and strip out what you don’t need from the node view. this also comes in handy for when you have to selectively use parts of sublayers to create masks for other elements.

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