Selection Tool won't select parent layer artwork in Camera View - Harmony 15 Advanced

I’m having an issue with the Selection Tool. I can’t select (or drag) parent layer artwork with the Selection Tool in the Camera View. The orange bounding box is no longer visible and it behaves as if the layer is locked. However, if I switch the the Drawing View, I can select the layer with the Selection Tool, the orange bounding box appears and I can move the drawing around.

For some reason, this only applies to parent layers. I can still see the orange bounding box when I use the Selection Tool on child layers in the Camera View.

I have this problem whether or not I’m using Single Mode Option for the Selection Tool.

This happened in the middle of rigging a character a few days ago, up until then everything was working fine. I’ve had Harmony 15 for 3 months now. I checked the support thread and it seems others are experiencing this problem with Harmony 15, but a solution hasn’t been posted yet. I’ve tried uninstalling Harmony, trashing preferences, restarting my computer, reinstalling Harmony, and it still doesn’t work.

I need this option in my workflow. I’ve had to go back to using Harmony 14, but this will be a problem in a few weeks when a big project begins. The other artists I’m working with are using Harmony 15 and I’ll need access to the new features. Hoping this is an easy fix!

Thats exactly what is happening to me. I can’t select layers with the selection tool if it’s a parent layer. This is frustrating. If anyone knows a solution, please advise!

The new version of Harmony 15.0.3 fixed the bug!