Selection Tool Issues

Is there a way to only select part of a drawing object? When I lasso a portion of my drawing to tweak it a little, the software selects the entire drawing object. For example if I draw a character all on one layer (never mind the fact that wouldn’t be good animation planning), and tried to select just the leg, it seems that because the leg is attached to the rest of the drawing all on the same layer line to line that I can not manipulate just that portion of said drawing object. Am I wrong, is there some sort of selection tool setting that I’m overlooking or something? I don’t like that this happens all the time.

Lines are read by the software as lines in a drawing layer. Unless you leave a gap and then group the separate lines, there is no data distinguishing the lines that make up a leg from the lines that make up an arm and so on. Depending on the design of the object, you can cut pieces away and paste them into their own separate drawing layers with the cutter tool.

There are benefits gained when you have them on their own layer (i.e. the ability to utilize forward and inverse kinematics). Many things are impossible if everything is on the same layer.

If you plan to move the limbs for different poses as a cut-out style character you will need to fix up the areas where the parts interact with one another so they look plausible and do not show gaps. Sometimes it is easier to build characters this way while other times it is easier to draw them in the first place with joints that will work out for movement.