Selection tool causing continuous crash

Using Harmony17, and Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Gaming Laptop- Every single time I use the selection tool it causes Toon Boom to crash, as soon as the selection I made is deselected the entire thing crashes (causing me to have lost a large amount of college work), I then accidentally figured out that by keeping the T key held down I could select and move an object, but I could not use any of the transform tools, and if I want to copy and paste an object I have to keep the T pressed whilst I use the keyboard to copy and paste, and again I have to keep all the keys pressed down until I am happy with the placement otherwise it again will crash if I try to reselect. Now however this T function is no longer working, and as soon as my object is deselected the whole thing crashes, so now I am left with no way of using the much need selection tool. I never had this issue with Harmony17 before summer but now I can barely get any of my college work done, even if the issue can’t be resolved right now is there an alternative method as my project is due tomorrow?

All you need to do is to right-click the ToonBoom icon on the desktop and choose to run with a high-performance graphics processor-Nvidia processor, and that’s it!
The reason for this problem is that your ToonBoom software runs on the core graphics card by default, not the discrete graphics card, so an error occurs!
Recommend to you ToonBoom official community on Discord.