Selection rotate

I need to select rotate on a peg better. I keep drawing a selection line instead of grabbing the rotate. is there anyway to widern the place i can grab the rotate

Hello trebot88!

In order to find a solution more efficiently, I am trying to replicate the issue you are experiencing on my computer. I am however unable to have the same results.

It would help us greatly to have the following information:

  • Which version and edition of the software are you using
    (example: Harmony Premium 16.0.0 )

  • What are you using to navigate your computer when you are experimenting the issue
    (example: Wacom Intuos 3, mouse, laptop trackpad ect…)

  • I there a drawing attached to the peg and how big is it.
    (sometimes when a drawing is really small it can get a bit harder to grab the peg that is attached to it)

Have a nice day. :slight_smile: