Selection only view mode problem

Im looking for ways to speed up animation workflow, coming from 3D animation im used to easily navigate and surf fast between elements, i had found the selection presets integrated script very useful on that matter, however that script can enhance its potential a lot more while coupling with the selection only view mode, therefore no need to hassle between thousends of layers etc . however, to my astonishment, basic animation features like copy paste keys do not workin selection only view mode… i have tried it multiple times and also received the same feedback from colegues, for copy pasting keys one need to work in normal mode only, why is this punishment ? anyone has an idea to how come it doesnt work ? any scripts to help with that issue ? or for that matter, scripts to peed up workflow ?
Thank you for your time and soryy for the rant

Are you speaking of Peg Selection Mode?

Its called Selection only view mode, its not just for pegs but anything you select, it will only show that particular layer on the timeline

Nothing comes up in the documentation using the search field:

But I was able to manually look and find “Selection Only Mode” here:

Wish I had a solution for you.