Selection issues when I am drawing.

Hello guys.
Well I am totally new on harmony 12, basically I was seeing some tutorials about animating frame by frame, however I started to do an animation it’s kinda simple. The mess starts when I’m drawing, I have the drawing layer as normal and I’m doing the drawing by the way a few frames later (not to much, 1 or 2) Im drawing and I’m trying to select something and it
does not do anything, it does not select. Then I have to close the program and then open it again and it works for a while but then the same thing.
Im really frustrated cause I want to use so bad the program but this is getting really crazy.

I dont know what it can be, and also I was trying to copy a drawing from the before frame and when I paste it it wont let me to select or erase on that one.

PD: Is not only with the drawings, is with ecerything, the images that I import, everything.
Please I need help :c

Quick question : which drawing layer are you working on?

A drawing node has 4 layers (2 by default-Lineart and Colorart, additional 2 :overlay and underlay,in advance settings, see Preferences>>Advanced). To know which drawing layer you are currently on, look into the Art Layer Toolbar, which usually appears between the left and right tabs in your workspace. If there isn’t, right click that region and check on “Art Layer” on the window that appears. By default or upon launch, it is set on Lineart, and there are only two layers to choose from (the other being Color Art) besides the “See All” button, represented by an eye.

Now, the search begins. Toggle from line art to color art and try to select your drawing using select tool in the camera view.

BTW, images cannot be edited if imported but retaining image format. Try selecting “import as vector image” on the “Import Images” window if you need to trim your image or edit the image prior to importing it to the Harmony stage.

Hope this helps. Lemme know what happens next.