Selection Box Larger Than Actual Object

I’m currently making a rig with 2 views. After I finished making all the pieces for both, I took all the elements from my front view and lined them up with my three quarter view (using the select tool). Then I adjusted the pivots for everything.

I then added parent pegs for everything and set them to “apply embedded pivot on parent peg”. Now, for some reason, some of the selections for pieces of my rig on my front view are much larger than they should be. It seems like it’s including the original location of the piece, like the picture attached, and I have no idea why. There’s nothing there at all, no invisible stroke or anything.

If I use the select tool, it only selects the actual object, but as soon as I use transform, or any of the other Advanced Animation tools, I get the huge bounding box.
Any way to fix this?

The basic principle to create a bbox is based on the drawing.
Check if there are any other drawing, lines or dots or strokes on the left side of the drawing. You can use Drawing view with select tool to find out. Also check different art layer such as overlay, underlay and color art as well.
Other possibility is when you are using new version of Harmony with new cutter feature directly built in the node view instead of using a cutter node. For this case, it is possible that you have a larger bbox due to the image which was used for the mattes. If this is the case, it is normal.

I think part of what you are seeing is that the control fits the bounding box of all the children of the peg as well.

There may be a way to fix this, but I’m not sure what it is… would love to be able to fit the box exactly to only the drawing under the peg!

There were no leftover artifacts on the left side unfortunately.
However, when I cut and re-pasted the layer, it worked fine. So I just did that to the other affected parts.