Selecting the contents of a frame across multiple layers


I’m a long time Flash professional for traditional 2D animation, and I’m currently evaluating Harmony Premium (v12.2.1) for use in my new studio. I’ve been having a couple of persistent issues with the interface that I’m hoping to get some advice on!

1) Selecting the contents of a frame across multiple layers

This is the most baffling and crippling to my workflow thus far, but I seem to be unable to select the contents of more than one layer at a time in the same frame. In my preferences, I’ve unchecked the “Select tool Works on Single Drawing” box, which according to the paint guide (here: should allow me to select content across multiple layers. However, even with this box unchecked, the select tool will persistently select content only on my current layer. All layers are unlocked and visible.

In my particular case, I’ve created 2 drawing layers, one containing line work and the other containing fills. I’d like to reposition/rotate/transform the contents of both layers together.

When working in Flash, I can simply click the frame in the timeline to auto-select all its contents (or shift-click to select multiple layers/frames). I’m sure there must be something like this in Harmony as well?

2) Setting layer transparency

According to the Harmony guide, I can add a “transparency” effect via the + sign dropdown menu in the timeline panel (or via the Insert dropdown from the top menus). However, neither one shows a transparency option for me, or even an effects submenu.

I’ll mention that I’ve been drawing exclusively in Camera view, in case this is relevant to either issue. In fact, it’s been difficult to find any meaningful information about the distinction between Camera/Drawing view, or how the two work together in a typical Harmony workflow.


Hi DisQuiet,

In Harmony Premium, you have 2 tools to select and move objects: the Select tool and the Transform tool.
In the Timeline view, you can Shift + click and select a layer range. In Harmony 14, you can select non-contiguous layers in the Timeline view.

When disabling the Work on Single Drawing Only option, you should be able to select multiple drawings on multiple layers. This works in the Camera view. It doesn’t apply to the Drawing view.

To select several layers together and scale the entire layers, move them, and animate them, you need to use the Transform tool.
The Select tool modifies the drawing strokes.

Select Tool:
Transform Tool:

If you are still not able to select multiple drawings with the Select tool, could you post a screen grab?

For the Transparency effect, Harmony Premium uses the Node View to add Transparency. Make sure you are using the right documentation system. The Paint guide is exclusively for the Paint module included with Harmony Server.

Adding Effects:
Transparency effect:

You can also adjust the transparency (Opacity) in the Layer Properties:

I hope this helps!! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply! As it turns out, after a frustrating hour, a simple restart has fixed my selection issue - I’m not sure what caused the bug, but the transform tool is working properly again.

Thanks for clarifying the documentation regarding the transparency issue. I’ve had luck simply adjusting the value in the layer properties.

Glad I could help!

Sometime selection issues or OpenGL display issues could be a glitch with the graphic card.
A reboot is often a good solution when in doubt or at least shutting down the software and restarting it.