Selecting Sections of Multiple Frames - Worked in Harmony 17 but not Working in 20


I recently upgraded to Harmony 20 and imported my settings from 17 over. Both were Harmony Premium. I’m now realizing I cannot select sections over multiple frames like I used to in 17. Is this a feature that was changed or is there a box/option I left unchecked in my preferences?

When I was in Harmony 17, I could select a portion of the drawing in 1 frame, step over to the next frame, press shift and select another portion on that frame. It would have both the previous frame and current frame’s drawing section selected.

In Harmony 20 - when I try to do this same thing, it deselects as soon as I step any frame over. Is there a way to prevent this and keep it selected?

Thanks for your help, let me know if you need any more clarification!