selecting multiple brush strokes at once

this is probably a very simple question, but i haven’t used harmony in a while, and am having trouble.

trying to select two brush strokes in sequence and keep them selected, using the shift key. it works when using a mouse and keyboard, but when connected with my wacom tablet, it wants to de-select the first stroke in favor of the second each time. any way to fix this?

Are the strokes in the same drawing?

Use the selection tool and select both.

Or did I misunderstand your problem. maybe?

It´s often good to attach a screenshot, then it’s easier to understand what going on.

/ Mattias

the strokes are in the same drawing, same layer. i’ve attached a video of my issue. when i use a mouse or trackpad, i can select two brush strokes at once by using the shift key. typically in the past i’ve also been able to do this using my wacom intuos tablet – but it’s giving me issues today.

Don’t why really.

You can change the selection tool too a square instead of lasso in the tool properties.

But I guess you want to be able to select and shift select a second line.

/ Mattias