Selecting keyframes on multiple layers and other beginner questions

Hello! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to learn using Harmony efficiently, so I can possibly transition from After Effects to TB Harmony for 2d Character animation projects. I love many aspects of Harmony, but there are few things that slows me down so much.

I want to select keyframes on multiple layers by CTRL clicking on them, so I can reposition them or set easing for multiple parameters. Ctrl clicking unfortunately doesn’t work, only SHIFT, but Shift selection select everything in between layers (including exposures) and it’s not what I need when there are other layers between them, which I don’t want to affect. Is there a way to select only keyframes? I lose a lot of time to select them one by one to move around or adjust easing.
I made a video to clarify, what I want to achieve :

Is there a way to draw in Camera view when deformation is applied to layer? For example I want to draw another arm version (arm is bent with Curve deform), but going in Drawing view gets me out of context and it’s much harder to draw what I need.

Is there a way to leave Timeline cursor in same position when I select keyframes on different timeline position? Why? Because I find a position where I need these keyframes, I leave my timeline cursor and know where to move keyframes. Now I need to create a marker. This way timeline soon is filled with too many markers

Quickly set playback start and stop frames with hotkeys , so I can preview specific part of animation. I’d love to create a hotkey but can’t find in Keyboard shortcuts panel. For example in After effects it’s B and N - B for beginning, N for End. In TVPaint I could drag select part of timeline and that’s it. This black bar sometimes is out of range, so I need to zoom out and Pan around. That black bar is also painfully small - need be really precise. Writing numbers in panel is even more painful :smiley:
Why I don’t like black bar.