Selecting drawings across multiple panels will exclude some selected panels in SBP 5.5

Hi everyone,

I and several other people I know have been experiencing issues with selecting and manipulating drawings over multiple panels where not all selected drawings will actually be manipulated. This has been an issue on all Mac computers I’ve used, even at different companies; I’ve not tried it on PC.

When selecting a drawing over multiple panels, I’ve made sure that all of the layers are labeled with the same name, down to using space bar vs. typing an underscore. If selecting many panels, I’ve discovered that after manipulating (scaling, moving) all of the drawings, several drawings I selected won’t have been manipulated along with all the rest. It seems like SBP just skips over them. I think it’s happening to just those drawings with the smallest frame count, which is odd but it’s the only thing they seem to have in common.

This issue has been extremely frustrating, as I use this function all the time when working in the industry and it has caused many headaches.

Please let me know if there’s a bug, or if there’s something else I’m missing.


-Melissa g-h

I’m experiencing the exact same thing.

The layers in the panels with a small frame count aren’t affected by the manipulation after a Ctrl + Shift command.