Selecting and moving lines and fills in TBA PRO

I have recently gone from animate to animate pro and I am having trouble selecting and moving things as when I click lines or fills it for some reason doesn’t select or it randomly selects something else on the same or another drawing layer no where near where I clicked. When I use the lasso or marque to select something it selects but the four way mouse symbol thing doesn’t show up when I hover over what I have selected and so I can’t move it and can only use the arrow keys which move things really freaking slowly. Is there some other way you are supposed to move things in PRO or is there a preference I have to tick to make it work or is it a bug. Also I am running the XP version of the software on an iMac via a program called Virtual Box, which is a program that can run XP while running Mac OS.

I am having the same problem, but running TBA Pro natively on Mac OSX. The problem is only in Camera view, however. I can select and move in the Drawing view.
Pretty sure it’s not my system or card, since I am also running Harmony on it, and select/move works just fine, even in camera view.

I’m not sure whether it’s something related to the Virtual Box setup. You said that Animate ran on it just fine, but not Animate Pro? They use the same processing of OpenGL, so if one works the other should work.

Usually the problem that you describe is one of two things - either not having a high-end graphics card, or not having the drivers installed for that card.

Or, on Windows Vista or Windows 7, the Aero theme on the desktop can interfere with the OpenGL display, so it’s recommended to switch to a Basic theme. But if you are working with XP then it should not be this issue.

If my comments here haven’t helped you then I’d recommend emailing for help with your particular setup.


One thing that you could try is to go to Preferences > Camera > Select Tool Works on a single drawing. I wonder if it’s jumping around to select something on a different layer.

If that’s not it, maybe you could describe in a little more detail what’s happening.