selecting all layers instead of the one i want?

this could be a dumb question, but recently toon boom (i’m on advanced 14) has been selecting all layers when i’m trying to select a drawing on a single layer. did i tick some box i’ve never paid attention to or is something going on?

here’s a vid i made of this. i’m trying to select an arm layer, but it selects the bg too.

What is the purpose in selecting the arm?

What are you planning to do with it?

In your video you begin in animation mode and then select with the Select Tool.

Are you intending to animate?

well, the arm was an arbitrary choice – it’s just that if i select any one layer, and want to toy around without the drawing in that layer, it will select multiple layers at once.

here’s another video. i’ll try and select the head on this character, and it will attempt to select the background as well.

What you are seeing is normal behavior. You are selecting the background with the Lasso. If you want to select the head don’t drag the lasso over the background. Just drag it across the head.

so if i select the layer for the head, and use the lasso circling around the head, it will select drawings from other layers? i could have sworn it has never been this way in my 2+ years using harmony. i’m trying to simply select the head, not other layers

Unless you lock layers their contents will be selected if you include it within the lasso selection.


in camera view, use the “Works on Single Drawing” button of your select tool !

(the last one of the tools options)