Selecting a layer across multiple panels

I often want to resize something in one layer across several panels after I’ve completed a scene. I’d like to be able to select that layer in every panel of the scene, then use the lasso tool to select what I want to resize in every layer at once so I can resize in all the panels at once.

This was very easy in SBP2, but I’m having problems in SBP4. When I use the lasso tool it often will select all the layers in one panel even if they’er not highlighted as opposed to one layer in all the panels or it won’t let me lasso anything after I have highlighted all the panels. At other times it will do exactly what I want but when I repeat the same steps it will no longer work.

Please help!

Thank you.

Hi sdietter

You probably know the following but just in case. Generally speaking. The most straight forward way to transform drawings over multiple panels is to isolate the elements to be transformed on separate layers.One layer for each transformation. You can copy/paste transformations with the First/lLast Frame Transform Tool. To spread transformation evenly over multiple panels , you can use Spread Layer Motion command. Just explained this in another posting.

There is a Multiple Panels selection tool. I have not used it before. Your post made me aware of it. It selects all panels with all layers for the whole scene. Turning of a layer, seems not to exclude it from transforming.
If you solve the technique to use Selection/drawing tools to edit parts of layers over multiple panels please describe it here on the forum so I learn how to do that.

Best regards

Thank you, Ivar. You’re response didn’t answer the question I was trying to ask, but it did help me figure out the transform tools, which I also needed!

I did, however figure out how to do what I was asking about. It goes like this:

choose 1st panel > hold down command/shift keys > choose layer > choose last panel and layer > release command/shift keys > press command/A

and all drawings in the chosen layer over all the panels will be selected. You can then scale them up or down simultaneously. This saves sooooo much time! You can also choose several layers at once!

The only buggy thing is that it only works every other time. The other time it won’t let you change the drawings once they’re selected. Strange, I know, but this explains why I was having trouble before.


did you do this in storyboard pro 4?

i tried this and it didn’t work

Yes, i’m on SBPro4. It was much easier in SBPro2. You still used the command/shift keys to select the panels/layers you wanted, but then you just used the lasso tool to select the drawings instead of command/A.

Also, your layers all have to have the same name across all the panels. And remember, for what ever reason, it only works every other time.

Hi sdietter

Just tried your trick and it worked. I could work on part of a drawing using the cutter tool over multipple panels on one layer without affacting other layers. Perfect. I will try more tools later.

Thank you!!!

You’re welcome! I haven’t tried using the cutter instead of the lasso but I will!


I also want to select on multiple panels but I can’t do it on toonboom storyboard pro 4.
I am a PC user what is the equivalent of “command A” to select on multiple panels?

Hi Henry,

On a Mac, “Command A” means to “select all”. I’m not sure what that would be on a PC. Hope this helps!



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Thanks!!! this works perfect!