Selected strokes unintentionally shifting when deselected

I noticed this problem in 4.5. But when I upgraded to 5.0, it had been resolved, thankfully.

Now I have upgraded again to version 7.0, and I am wishing I hadn’t, as the problem is back again.

Whenever I select a line, brush stroke, etc. (to copy it, etc.), my usual way to deselect it is to simply tap the screen/tablet again with my pen. Doing this in 4.5 would result in the selected stroke moving to wherever I tapped on the screen and away from its original position. I would then have to hit “command z” to undo the unintentional shift. It was nice when that problem went away in version 5.0, but now I am having the same issue with version 7.0.

Is there a solution to this, or will I have to just wait for another upgrade?