Selected 'stacked' keyframes

I have 4 keyframes on a peg, that is moving the camera. I want the camera to start to the left of the stage (keyframe1) move to the center of the stage (kf2) pause (kf3) and then zoom out (kf4). I have the motion for the zoom out set, I’m going back in time on the timeline to add the camera pan right (actually, truck right for us video people).

The problem I’m having is that I can’t select the first keyframe in the drawing window in order to move the peg (w the camera attached) to the left of the stage. I have my playhead on the desired frame with the keyframe, but when I go up to the stage to click what I think to be that first kf, the THIRD kf is selected effected.

What I’m seeing - three ‘red boxes’ stacked on top of each other (for kf1, kf2, and kf3), with one ‘box’ that has the > arrow next to it (the start kf). How do I select THAT kf, the ‘start’ kf, from the others ‘underneath’ it chronologically?

There are a few things you can try. First of all to edit a peg that is parent of the active camera, try selecting another camera or the default one to avoid problems.

For selecting keyframes, you can use the transform tool, put the frame marker on the keyframe that you want to move and then use the red circle to move it.

Another solution is to set the values of the keyframes in the function editor. This is not as easy but more precise.