Selected box jumping around

I cant explain it. but for some reason 1 scene of my cartoon whenever i try and click a certain box on the exposure sheet it selected the above or below one.
it happens when i try wiht my mouse or keyboard.
its driving me insane!

any ideas?

im not sure if it has something to do with the create cycle button?
it happens on only certain frames

That’s odd. Try restarting the computer.

This is going to sound odd, Stowaway, but I seem to remember one or two other people having this problem in the past and, if I remember correctly, Ugo suggested disabling the “Snap Last Key Frame” function listed under Tools in the menu bar.

ive tried rebooting the computer and all that.
its definetly an option i think.

snap to last keyframe was not selected. i tried selecting it and it didnt help.

its something to do with create cycle im sure…
i cant seem to edit the cycle i created.

Actually the suggested work around in versions prior to V4.5 is to go to the Functions panel and un-check the box for Sync Current Frame. This avoids a “bug” that has since been corrected in V4.5. -JK

Ooops. Thanks for correcting me, JK. I guess unchecking or disabling a “frame” of some sort was about all I could remember correctly. I took a long shot.