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I use a shortcut on my cintiq pen to undo and whenever i click it, it obvisouly does ctrl+z to undo. However bc of this it activates the ctrl to select tool and then will mess up my work by selecting it. I have searched the key preferences and can’t find anywhere to change it. Is there a way I can disable ctrl to select?

Did you map the keystroke ctrl+z yourself or use the predefined undo when setting the pen button?

i use the predefined undo

If I use the predefined undo for the pen button, it does undo as it should. If I press and continue to hold the pen button, it does the undo but allows me to draw what I want (eg. many strokes). When I let go of the pen button and click it again it undo’s everything I’ve drawn while I had it held down.

Setting the pen button using keystroke ctrl-z will undo, but I’ll run into your problem with it turning into the selection tool for a split second. If I continue to hold the pen button it sticks as the selection tool. Either way it doesn’t seem to effect me, by the way I have Pen Button Mode set to Hover Click.

I do have it set to the predinfed undo, where can i find the hover click setting?

Under then pen settings, click Options… button

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The ctrl->select tool is really annoying. I had to map undo to option+z in Preferences instead and then change my pen button to use option+z instead of cmd+z. If you’re on Windows, maybe just shift+z would work?