select tools sbpro4

I’m testing the trial version of 4 before an upgrade . Lots of fun to be had and many questions to come i am sure .
Here’s one - i use the select tool and the select by colour tool and the cutter tool all the time . In 4 they have been put in one one icon with submenus - this will slow me down a lot . Is there a way to separate these tools to have them sit on the side bar ?

You could try the Flat Toolbar.
Go to the top menu Storyboard Pro - Preferences -Global UI and cheque of the Flat Toolbar option. This will require a relaunch of Storyboard Pro to take effect. To customize the new toolbar Rightclick the toolbar, a popup menu appear,select Customice . A window appear giving you the choices of tools to be shown in the Flat Toolbar.

I find the new Storyboard Pro really fun to work with. Especially the bitmaplayers and brushes, but also the pitchmode and the more flexible project management adding/exporting scenes.

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