Select tool problem

I was trying to move the circle but it won’t move for some reason, I don’t see the little angle that is use to rotate it as well. I can move it with the arrow keys but i can’t drag it, I have shared a screenshot so if you can help please let me know. Also I have this seen this problem before but i don’t remember how it was fixed

If you’re trying to animate the movement you
need to do that from the Camera Window,
not the Drawing Window.

even in the camera window it still doesn’t work

Can you make a screen capture that includes the Timeline and Node View?

It looks like you’re in drawing mode - click on the little rectangle (Translate) icon underneath the yellow running man (animate) icon.

They should be able to move the art with the Select Tool in both the Camera and Drawing views.

It needs to be clarified whether they are actually trying to move or animate though.