Select tool / changing lines color

Hello there,

I ve got a tricky question :
i’m using a lot the select tool/select by color tool to change lines colors.
for example, i want to turn my blue roughs into black.

I’m using storyboard 4 and its different from version 2.
In version 2, i just had to select the lines with CTRL, picking up a color from the color swatches, and the color was changed.
In version 4, i have to actually select the select tool to be able to change the colors. It forces me to switch from select tool/ brush tool a lot, something i didnt have to do in version 2. It doesnt work either with the “temporary” select tool enabled…

So, i’m wondering, is there a workaround for this, a little trick i could use to be able to change lines colors with the brush tool selected ?


Echo… echo… echo…

Ce n’est pas très sympa monsieur toonboom, tu pourrais répondre

The tools have changed, options for tools are now set on the “Tool Properties”
window. As a workaround, why not make a keyboard shortcut for “Select by Colour” which should allow you to work almost as efficiently as before.
(Preferences - Drawing Tools Section of shortcuts page).