'Select Strokes With Current Colour' of several layers at once


I would like to know if there is a way to make the ‘Drawing’ → ‘Select Strokes With Current Colour’ function (Ctrl + Shift + A) work on several (all the selected) layers in the same time.

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As far as I understand “Select Strokes With Current Colour”
It will select all Strokes on the current selected layer.

If all your Strokes on all layers have the same colour ID ? Change the colour.
All Strokes on all layers will change. No selection is required.

What is the idea to select all Strokes on all layers without changing the colour ?

Hi Nolan,

thank you for your reply.

My problem is that I would like to repaint these strokes with an already existing colour used on other pencil lines of the character.

That means, that I want to get rid of the currently used colour and apply another already existing one to these lines.

Select the Select Tool (option+s). In the Tool Properties make sure the Icon
“Applies to Camera view only” is unchecked. (the Lasso icon with three little strokes underneath).

Hold shift and with the Select Tool select all the necessary lines in the Camera View.
Then click the new colour pot. All strokes should change accordingly.

Alternatively use a Colour Override Node to replace any required colour.

I’m looking for a way to select all these strokes on all the selected layers at once in order to be able to assign to them the new colour pot like you described. :slight_smile:

The ‘Drawing’ → ‘Select Strokes With Current Colour’ function is great. I would just like it to work on all the selected layers in the same time.

Hey stefman!

Try turning on the Apply to Line Art and Colour Art option from your tool properties option to select all art layers within a drawing layer.

To apply to multiple Drawing Layers at the same time, go to your Harmony Preferences. Under the Camera tab, you will find an option called “Select Tool Works on Single Drawing”, uncheck it. For this option to apply, you will need to restart Harmony, so save your scene and reopen it.

You should be able to do it from there on all art layers and drawing layers.

Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Hi Geneviève,

thank you for your help.

I set up all the parameters like you said.
It works in serveral Art Layers. But, I unfortunately, didn’t manage to make it work on several drawing layers (the selected layers in the timeline).

Did you restart your Harmony scene after turning off “Select tool works on single drawing” option in the preferences? Also, silly thing: Don’t forget to press ok after setting your preferences. :slight_smile:

If this still doesn’t work, let me know which version of Harmony you are using and I’ll run a few tests.


Harmony unsterstood and adopted well the preferences you told me to set. :slight_smile:

Just to be sure that we talk about the same feature:
I’m trying to make work the ‘Drawing’ → ‘Select Strokes With Current Colour’ function (CTRL +SHIFT +A) on several layers at once.

I’m not trying to use the ‘Select’ tool or any of its options.

Perhaps, this feature was just not designed to work that way until now. :slight_smile:

Ah, it seems you’re right!

Doesn’t appear to work on multiple layers at the same time. It would make it easier to select and change it all at the same time by selecting a few pieces holding down shift and repainting them, but that’s about the extent at which it goes.


The video shows nearly what I’m trying to do. (Which, I know, is not possible for instance. :slight_smile: )

What I would like to do is:

  • select a few pieces holding down shift (these pieces are distributed to several layers).
  • run the ‘Drawing’ → ‘Select Strokes With Current Colour’ function to only select my pencil lines with the unwanted colour. (My Pencil lines and Fills are on the same art layer for instance. Which makes the big difference. :slight_smile: )
  • select a new colour in the palette to replace the colour of all the selected pencil lines at the same time.

So, if this was a feature request I would ask for:
The possibility to select strokes with current colour of all the selected elements (even if they are on different layers) via the ‘Drawing’ → ‘Select Strokes With Current Colour’ function.

Good description. Make sure you put it in the feature request section for visibility! :slight_smile: